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Long Meadow Beef

100% Grass Fed, Hereford x Aberdeen Angus Beef

Certified by Pasture for Life

Our Beef Sales

The sale dates in 2024 are:

Saturday 8th June
Saturday 13th July

Saturday 10th August
Saturday 14th September
Saturday 12th October
Saturday 9th November
Saturday 14th December


All sales are 9am - 4pm
Everybody is welcome. You may pre-order or purchase on the day. 

To place an order or to ask any questions please contact us:
Catherine: 07969859982

Abi: 07421995765

Sales take place at:

100 Main Street, Little Downham, CB6 2SX

Use the subscribe form at the bottom of the page to receive future sale dates by email. 


Thank you so much for the fantastic beef. I made our favourite beef Massaman curry with the chuck and I can honestly say neither of us has ever tasted beef like it! I suddenly realised that most beef today (especially supermarket) isn't very beefy. And this completely is. Amazing texture too.

Some of the best beef I've tasted the shin is melt in the mouth.

Just want to say we have had your burgers tonight they are absolutely delicious, why would you ever have a supermarket one.  

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-26 at

A little about our beef...

Proudly, born and bred in Little Downham

Our small herd of Aberdeen Angus & Hereford cattle thrive on our Pasture for Life certified system, spending most of the year grazing in the fields around the Little Downham area. In the winter they come into airy straw bedded barns to eat our hay and haylage. 

To maximise the health and happiness of our cattle we know they need to be getting a rich natural diet. The variety of plant species our cattle get to munch on is super for them, healthier for you and creates a thriving habitat for wildlife.

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