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Our Beef

Born and bred in Little Downham

Our small herd of Aberdeen Angus & Hereford cattle thrive on their grass fed diet. They spend most of the year grazing the fields around the Little Downham area. Over the winter months they come in to airy straw bedded barns to eat our hay and haylage. 

To maximise the health and happiness of our cattle we know they need to be getting a rich natural diet. The variety of plant species our cattle get to munch on is super for them, healthier for you and creates a thriving habitat for wildlife.

We rear our cattle at a slow, natural, pace. The results of our extensive, pasture fed system ​are then enhanced by hanging our beef on the bone to dry age it. The outcome is unbelievably flavoursome, tender beef. 

Our beef is butchered using traditional methods, producing an excellent range of cuts. If you have anything in mind get in touch and we will see what we can do!

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