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5 minute homemade burgers!

With 3 key ingredients you can whip up a batch of burgers in no time.

Mince, onion and red pepper are all you need to make these delicious burgers, or have a look at some of our favourite additions.


1kg mince

1 onion

1 red pepper

Optional extras

Chilli (blended with the onion)

Herbs (mixed in with the mince)

Cheese (a cube added in to the centre of the burger before cooking)

Caramelised onion (mixed in with the mince)

... use your imagination


Put the onion and red pepper in a food processor/blender, whizz until smooth. This is like the glue that holds the burgers together, alternatively you could use an egg or a handful of breadcrumbs.

Add the mince, onion mixture and seasoning to a bowl. Using your hands, mix it all together until it is well mixed.

Take small handfuls of the mince mixture, roll into a ball and then squish into a patty shape.

These are now ready to be cooked however you would like, pan, grill, oven or BBQ!!

Let us know if you try them.


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